Home Security That Fits Your Needs

Imagine a home security system that can do it all—secure your doors and windows, detect motion around your property, record live footage inside and out, and sound alarms, all while it adjusts your thermostat automatically, turns your lights off before bed, and equips you with a team of professionals ready to respond during an emergency. With Smart, this vision is your reality. As one of the leading home automation and security companies in the US, Smart combines top-of-line security equipment, a variety of home automation features, and 24/7 home security monitoring for a complete, modern-day home.

Boost your home security and automation with these Smart features:


Experience 24/7 home security monitoring by trained Smart specialists. When a motion sensor or alarm is triggered, Smart will contact you immediately to help you assess the situation.



Guard your home and loved ones with today’s top security equipment, including door and window sensors, motion detectors, keyless door locks, and Smart security cameras.



Give your home a brain with features that learn and adapt to your daily habits, such as smart thermostats, Alexa smart home devices, lighting control, and more.

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Tie Your Home Alarm Systems Together with a Control Hub

Smart SkyControl™ Panel

The SkyControl™ Panel is the heart of your Smart home security and automation system. It does much more than arm and disarm the system Sky also connects to security professionals who are available 24/7, gives you access to your camera monitors, and lets you control the temperature and easily change settings. Managing your home’s security and comfort has never been easier.

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Security Simplified

Even though it controls all your home’s systems at once, the SkyControl™ Panel is anything but complicated. Quite the contrary: it’s intuitive and easy to use. That’s the beauty of Smart technology and home automation.

Check on Your Home Anytime, Anywhere with the our Security App

Home Security at Your Fingertips

The Smart Smart Home App lets you feel at home even when you’re out. Check on your kids, control the temperature, or access your Smart home security cameras—all from your phone. You can also customize alerts to get notifications about the issues that matter most to you. And with help from Sky, the Vivint mobile app’s built-in assistant, security is easier—and smarter—than ever before.

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Get Peace of Mind on the Go

Want to start cooling your home when you leave the office? Concerned you might have forgotten to close the garage door? The Smart Home App can handle those needs for you. The Smart app also connects you to your family. Get alerts on who arms your home security system or what time your kids get dropped off from soccer practice. Security, safety, and reassurance are just a click away.

Note the First Sign of Trouble with Smart Sensors

Get Immediate Warnings

Sensors on your doors and windows form the first line of defense against intruders. When someone tries to open a door or window after you’ve armed the house, your sensors notify the SkyControl™ Panel, which immediately connects you with the Smart security team. Wireless sensors also notify you and the Smart Security Sky Panel of broken glass. Never be caught unawares by a break-in again.

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Keep Kids Safe Around the House

Want to ensure your kids stay out of the liquor or medicine cabinet? Worried about them getting into your gun safe? You can install sensors in helpful places in your home besides the windows and doors. You’ll still get instant notifications if sensors in those areas go off.

Stay Secure with HD Cameras

Cameras that Watch 24/7

Add another layer to your home security by installing Smart outdoor cameras. Your camera will record in HD and notify you if they detect motion when you’re not at home. And, thanks to infrared technology, the cameras are just as useful at night as during the day.

outdoor security camera
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Browse Footage on the App

Want to check on your home’s exterior while you’re away? View the video using the Smart Home App. Because the cameras record continuously, you can scroll through the videos minute by minute or access 20-second clips that your camera flags as important. Plus, you can use the app to access your Vivint Smart Drive, allowing you to view up to 1 TB of camera footage, photos, and videos right on your smartphone.

Update Your Home to the New Age

Automate Your House with Smart

Smart home automation gives you tools like a Smart Doorbell Camera that you can access from your phone. You can unlock the door or open the garage to let a delivery person drop off a package, lock the door or shut the garage behind them, control the home temperature from your office—and practically anything else you can imagine. And sincet smart home technology is compatible with both Alexa and Nest, you even have the potential to control home services like your thermostat with your voice.

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Enjoy Lower Bills and More Security

Smart Sky, your Smart home automation assistant, is a learning tool. Over time, it picks up on your habits, learns when you tend to be home or away, and adjusts your temperature accordingly. Thanks to Sky, your home can be more comfortable than ever, and you’ll minimize both your energy costs and environmental impact. Since Sky knows when you’re away or on vacation, it also has the tools to ensure your home stays safe the entire time you’re gone.

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Build Your Own Plan from Scratch

Design a Personalized Security Package

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Smart security cameras
  • Smart locks
  • SkyControl™ Panel
  • Smart Smart Home App
  • Window and door sensors
  • CO detection
  • Flood sensors

Build the Home of the Future

  • SkyControl™ Panel
  • Kwikset Smart Locks
  • Element thermostat
  • Smart Ping Camera
  • Smart Home App
  • Garage door control
  • Doorbell camera
  • Echo or Nest integration

Get More Equipment with Smart Flex Pay

Flex Pay makes it possible to pay for Smart home security systems your way. Choose between a month-to-month plan by paying for your equipment upfront, or opt to pay for your equipment over 42 or 60 months at 0% interest. That means you can start using your equipment as soon as you need it!


Purchase equipment upfront for no-contract billing

– or –

Pay for equipment over 42 or 60 months at 0% interest

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